We are a cutting edge firm dedicated to consulting brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether our team is working with a creative agency, startup, or Fortune 500 company, we come to the table prepared to be your true partner; a seamless extension of your own team. Our end-goal is to increase the bottom line and provide consistency between creative, technical and PR strategies. The collaborative nature of our arrangements demand that we pass on the quick buck to focus on opportunities for long-term strategic partnerships.

Established in 1997 as a web design and development company, Anil Pujara, founder of ULTRA Agency, has 20 years experience working in I.T. and Digital Marketing. Unlike most agency CEO’s, Pujara also has a unique career in entertainment, with over a decade of experience in implementing interactive technology and digital marketing strategies for Special Events. As such, ULTRA maintains a Rolodex of unique resources; media outlets, PR firms, brand sponsors, celebrity talent, influential business executives and investors. ULTRA also has developed proprietary intellectual properties with partners, specific to various industries in use by millions of consumers and hundreds of businesses, throughout the world.

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